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It all started 3 years ago, when Yiannis Fleming had a vision that sport, exercise and health would no longer be considered a luxury, but rather... a necessity!

The guise 'Mr. Sport' was established this year at a small seaside town in the UK county of Kent. Thanks to hard work and the philosophy of "sport for all," Mr. Sport has conducted sport coaching work across the globe, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Athens, Paris, London, and a number of other UK locations.

Despite primarily being a sports business and being established just this year, Mr. Sport has grown tremendously and now employes a number of personnel with unique skills and training including, sports coaches with experience in different fields, digital marketers, photographers, web developers and editors.

We have three clear missions:

Firstly, to help new individuals adopt a healthier lifestyle through nutrition, exercise and mindset. We do this through bespoke programmes, guest speaking appearances, and online tips and videos.

Secondly, at the pinnacle of sport, where we assist in the development of elite athletes through personalised athletic programmes. Athletes we have worked with include, Southampton FC, London Irish, Blackhouse MMA, and a number of others.

Thirdly, through sport development research where we are keen to find new ways in which sport can be enhanced (at all levels), provide opportunities for children to develop their sports skills and realise the need for a healthier lifestyle.

Mr. Sport is on a mission to develop sport, exercise, and health!

If you would like to join us on our journey, please email for more information regarding our latest vacancies.

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