Group Peeters OIW

Group Peeters is your partner in industrial cleaning. Available 24/7, with 11 locations in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany, we offer a wide range of services.
When it comes to cleaning, we clean a wide range of installations: pipelines, storge tanks, production units, airfin coolers, reactors, industrial chimneys, flare installations etc.
However cleaning is our core business, it is no longer our only activity: our experience and expertise has turned us into an all-round provider of industrial services, often in a multidisciplinary way, offering our clients a single point of contact.

Our activities: industrial cleaning, (including sewer cleaning and tank cleaning), catalyst exchanges, (tank)coatings, waste management, (camera)inspections, infrastructure maintenance, blasting, turnaround management/control, consultancy and custom-made training.

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Public Company

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