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Living in True Form means aligning your daily actions and activities with your values and desired outcomes. Together we collaborate to develop your skills for enhanced self management. We eliminate any personal barriers to progress which allows for greater clarity about your values, priorities and helps you live aligned with your primary purpose.

I have three main branches of my business: 1)Executive & Professional Coaching 2) Athletes & Sport Psychology coaching 3) Parent Coaching & Education

Business professionals need to unpack and deliver crucial information, navigate politically charged relationships, and feel under great pressure to perform at your highest level consistently. I help business professionals achieve their goals and deliver results on time and maintain your poise, presence and focus!

Being a great leader takes tremendous skills to be organized, proactive, adaptable, communicative, responsive, confident and open to change. Leadership in your personal and work life requires you to be resilient, respectful, and resourceful while maintaining your enthusiasm, optimism and presence.

I help athletes achieve a solid mental game, recover from injuries, enhance their performance and maximally enjoy their sport. I work with amateur through professional athletes, in multiple sports. Generating consistent, optimal sport performance and being in the "zone," is possible! Learn to handle the pressure of competition and perform at your best, without your perceived limitations holding you back.

Parent coaching and education courses are based on the Love & Logic philosophy. Family life is often one of our highest values, and yet an unhappy family life wrecks havoc at deep levels of our being. Learn simple tools and strategies to be the best parent you can be, for the sake of your children.

Please see for more information or contact Karen Quigley at 520-955-9503

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