For Architects......

It’s time for your vision to be realized. With DigiConSoo, the unique architectural elements you design will come to life – exactly the way you envisioned them. Watch the video to learn how DigiConSoo takes your designs from blueprint to 3D model to finished masterpiece.

For Builders......
You don’t have the time or budget for surprises on the job. So when complex components show up on the plans, you need to know that they’ll be done right – and won’t hold up the entire job. DigiConSoo can save thousands of dollars and hours on your building project.

From Blueprint......

You can bring us the finished designs – or use DigiConSoo as your personal draftsman! By requesting DigiConSoo in the specs, we can help in the earliest stages to ensure your vision becomes reality.

To 3D Model......

This is the part where people get excited! Only DigiConSoo offers a unique 3D modeling process for custom framing projects – so you can see exactly what you’re getting and how it fits into the project before it’s even built! We remove the guesswork so that you have confidence the finished product will be according to plan.

To Reality......

In addition to creating a flawless product with CNC technology, we also help your project move faster – often saving weeks of framing time. While we’re busy building, your framers can keep moving on the rest of the framing. Your DigiConSoo component can be delivered ready for assembly or pre-assembled right to the jobsite and ready for quick and easy installation.

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