GIBSS, a WWF ClimateSolver Partner and a pioneer in high performance building systems, helps businesses reduce operating costs in their buildings by up to 60% through a suite of ultra energy efficient products in the area of air conditioning, hot water generation and lighting. GIBSS Geothermal air conditioning, hot water cogeneration systems and LED technologies are offering compelling triple bottom line benefits to over 250 commercial and industrial buildings across India. With its zero initial investment or Pay from Savings model and performance bank guarantees, GIBSS has made state of the art technologies commercially viable to its clients. GIBSS has been recognized for its contribution to innovation and economic impact by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India through the India Innovation Award.

GIBSS Impact

Till date, GIBSS energy saving products and solutions has been able to generate significant triple bottom line impact across over 250 commercial and industrial buildings in India.
• saved over INR690 million for buildings
• saved over 19 million electrical units
• reduced 77% in energy consumption
• saved 350 million litres of water consumption
• reduced 19,000 tonnes of carbon-footprint (equivalent to planting 5 lac fully grown trees)

Recognition & Accolades

•India Innovation Award 2014, by Department of Science & Technology, under Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of India
•Bry Air Award for Innovative System Design in HVAC
•Marico Innovation award finalist, 2014
•WWF Climate Solver Partner for positive environmental impact of GIBSS technologies towards Climate Change mitigation
•Indiafrica Fellowship supported by Ministry of External Affairs, India
•Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Awards 2012
•Samsung CNBC Innovation Quotient Season 2
•Sankalp 2012 award winner for the Most Innovative & Sustainable Company in ‘The Clean Tech & Clean Energy Sector’




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