New Heat Entertainment Corporation

MISSION ❘ To bring New "Heat" to the entertainment industry.

“The SUN is the center and it represents POWER. It’s the LIGHT that leads your path and awakens the NEW DAY. If anyone as much as dares to get too close, it will blind you; leaving you permanently impaired and unable to stare in the path of its rays. Within an instant, it will dissolve you because of its unbearable HEAT. It’s Untouchable. “ - Heather “HEAT” Caro, CEO, New Heat Entertainment. New Heat Entertainment is preparing to bring the heat with the debut of the new label, as well as its artists. New Heat Entertainment Corportion and Nuthin' But HEAT Management in Atlanta, Georgia serves as a major entertainment and music recording label for upcoming professional music artists and entertainment professionals to introduce the world to the sound and feel of "New Heat". With the assistance of team industry professionals, New Heat Entertainment has a combined experience of over 45 years in order to supply the industry with quality music acts and performers. Through our network of affiliates and industry representatives, we've designed an exclusive music group to develop the serious music and entertainment professional to advance his career to the next level. Areas of Concentration to include: Promotions/Marketing Implementations, Marketing and Branding developments, Talent & Sports Management, Music Production for national and international sales through publishing and Artist Development. New Heat has BIG things planned for the New Year which brings on a New Era for New Heat in the music and entertainment industry. It is planning to kick off its official re-launch with the release of the music single by its founder and CEO Heather “HEAT” Caro, music recording artist J. Twizz and other acts currently under development this Fall season. The label represents a new feel, look, and sound, which is how it embodies the mantra of "a new day...a new era... New Heat."




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