WIN/Gallup International Association

The World's Local Research Partner

The WIN/Gallup International Association is the leading organization in market research and polling throughout the world. WIN/Gallup International offers you the Best of Both Worlds: the highest quality at the most competitive price.

WIN/Gallup International is made up of the 80 largest independent market research and polling firms in their respective countries with a combined revenue of over €500 million and covering 95% of the world’s market. Our 80 Members around the globe are leading market research and polling firms in their own respective country.

Precisely, WIN/Gallup International is your one stop shop for your international market research and polling needs.

WIN/Gallup International offers:

- The highest Quality Standards & Best practices in International Coordination:
WIN/Gallup International prides itself on the high quality of its own work and the work of its Members. With the accumulated experience of our Members and WIN/Gallup International's 60 years of experience in coordinating and managing multi-country social research studies, we guarantee the highest level quality and expertise.

- Centralized Project Management and Control- We offer a Turnkey Approach:
One of the many benefits of this approach is that the client has a single point of contact and we deal with all research suppliers around the globe.

- Local Expertise at an international level: We adapt any research to your needs.

- Social Research in Times of crisis: Proactive social polls to contribute to the greater good of humanity.

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