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Peter Taboada, S.L. is a company devoted to the production and commercialization of a wide range of applications for the water treatment field, covering from the consultancy of projects to manufacturing and maintenance of water treatment plants.
PETER TABOADA, S.L. has developed since 1980 sophisticated and high-technology machinery related to the treatment and purification of water, from its headquarters (1.800 m² facilities) located in Redondela -close to the town of Vigo (Galicia, Northwestern coast of Spain). Owning three international patents and five trademarks, and being involved in the elite groups of the Spanish an Community Research + Development + Innovation projects (R+D+I), the company works close to different university departments and investigation and engineering centers. All our systems are developed within the strictest controls, accomplishing with the international standards and with the added value that grants to be certificated by ISO 9001.
PETER TABOADA, S.L. operates in marine sector (ships and platforms) and in all sectors inland (industrial, sanitary and residential), with the following systems, among others:
Anti-fouling and anti-corrosive system for seawater pipes (PETIÓN®): the most advanced system in the market; based on electrolysis technology, using copper and aluminum electrodes in a stainless steel tank.
Sea water and brackish water desalination systems by reverse osmosis (PETSEA RO®): High quality plants, inland or onboard; from 0.5 to 5000 m3/day.
Water purification system by reverse osmosis for hemodialysis (PETSEA RO TW-H)
Water quality control system for diesel engines (PETDIÉSEL®): control and dosage of cooling water pH level, in order to keep its highest effectiveness.
Oily water separator (approved bilge water separator, approved oil meter alarm and approved petroleum products unloading monitors) (PETOIL)
Ultrapure water producer system for labs (PETLAB)
Water purification by U.V. rays (PETUVA)
and others

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