Asia Safe Tech

Asia Safe Tech strive to protect children online.

Providing the only solution that can detect and block Child Abuse Images and Videos with 100% accuracy.

Asia Safe Tech collaborates with ECPAT and other NGO's in order to fight the Child Sexual Abuse content.

Companies can with NetClean ProActive protect their network from being used to store or spread illegal content. By implementing our solution the companies protect their brand and protect children online.

ISPs can with NetClean WhiteBox, block websites known by IWF to contain Child Abuse Images. This is done without any performance loss.

Hotels and Resorts using "FreeZone" ensures that no employee or guests can gain access to Child Abuse Images. By having "FreeZone" implemented the hotel or resort clearly takes a stand against Child Abuse Images and Child Sex Tourism.

Using the "NetClean Analyzer" the police authorities can faster investigate cases including Child Abuse Images and Videos. "Analyzer" is free of charge fro the law enforcement.

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