Our Company is called "Agrobioverde S.r.l." and is located in Ficarazzi (Palermo), Italy.
It is organized in two branches : Production and Trading.


1. mainly produces Conventional and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wine, Pasta, Apples, Wheat, blends of Italian style roasted coffee for Espresso coffee makers (with unique recipes for coffee shops), etc.

2. mainly sells olive oil, wine, pasta, roasted coffee, wheat, tomato puree, preserves, etc.

Our 30 year-experience of trading on a large scale, with partners like KRAFT, PROCTER EN GAMBLE, along with the careful knowledge of products offered, coming from the large lands that we cultivate, helped us to achieve our Corporate Strategy towards the production and trading of upper middle quality products, allowing us to furnish a suitable pre sales and post sales support too.

We come to this persistency confident more than ever that a product, supplied with steady and lasting quality, is what the nowadays consumers (attentive and exacting compared to the past) appreciate more and what induces them to buy it again, conscious to pay a bit more to get it.

Our Export policy is driving us to different markets as regards life style and customs, but all the Customers that we have supplied until today have had the chance to value our healthy, natural and quality products.

At present we are interested to be in touch with Buyers which operate even in the U.S.A. and are able to treat our products seriously and fairly. The existing deals have no exclusivity agreements, but for us it is necessary to classify the potential customers according to the area and the purchasing capacity.

About Olive Oil, Wine and Blends of Coffee we are able to provide very large quantities. As for the other products we have to examine and valuate every request.

Looking forward to hearing from you to discuss further specific details, we remain




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