Geometric Insights

Geometric Insights utilizes analysts with expertise in your specific industry, with knowledge of the geographic regions that interest you. We also take care in selecting the proper analytical resources used for each client. The specific needs of each client, and each project, are carefully considered to assure that the best available data, geospatial and statistical tools are used to address questions like:

· Customer Profiling: Who and where are they? Which are my best, how do I keep them, and where do I find more of them?
· Competitive Assessment: Who and where are they? What are their strengths and weaknesses and how can I capitalize on them?
· Supportable Stores Analysis: How many stores in my industry can a specific market support?
· Sales Forecasts Analysis: What sales can I expect in this location?
· Sales Transfer Analysis: What impact would a new location have on my existing stores nearby?
· Strategic Market Planning: Where are the best markets for me, and where should I place my stores within those markets so as to maximize sales and minimize cannibalization?
· Consumer Research: What do customers and potential customers think about me, my products and my competition?




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