Prodigy Co., Ltd.

Prodigy is a leading company in entertainment business, founded in May 2006.

Mr. Goro Yamasaki, CEO
"We will continue to provide unique products to society using our ideas and technology.
Over the next five years we will focus on web and embedded technologies staring at the Asian mobile market.
We believe that technology is the collective strength of software development, and leaves unlimited business potential. The business and entertainment systems are continuously placed as a pillar for business.
We will also maintain our existing focus on image-processing technologies for enterprise-affiliated development.
Our constant exchange of the technological ideas behind business and entertainment development results in a synergetic effect.
We expect to enter the "small publisher's war" during our fourth year of operation, and our proprietary technologies will allow us to hit the ground running.
We will begin producing our own in-house products and grow beyond the trust-development business model.
We will market our PC and mobile web products in a unique style.
During our 5th term, we will enhance our web-sales to in-store-sales, from the most suitable location in Tokyo: Akihabara.
Generally speaking, software developers can only produce systems, not content. However, we will continue to provide both here in Akihabara, the home of numerous "Cool-Japan" contents and software.
Our care towards both good products and good services will earn us increasing appraisal from customers."

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