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The Dublin 4 Clinic aims to help clients get the life they deserve. Specializing in Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis in Dublin we also use counselling and hypnotherapy in Dublin and South county Dublin. Covering the areas of Ballsbridge, Dublin City Center, Stillorgan, Blackrock, Booterstown,Dundrum, Deansgrange,Monkstown, Dun Laoire and surrounding areas. Our focus is on clinical hypnotherapy and hypnosis, psychology, CBT,Mindfullness and sport performance psychology. Our goal is to help you to stop smoking using CBT and hypnotherapy, weight loss hypnotherapy, counselling,mindfulness and hypnotherapy to help reduce stress,anxiety and depression, overcome phobias, increase confidence for work or relationships, eating issues, overcoming OCD, overcoming stuttering, help with stammering, overcome a fear of flying using hypnosis and other phobias.

Our success rate for stopping smoking after one session using hypnotherapy would be around 8/10 with the additional 20% of clients may need a second hypnosis session. Hypnosis for weight loss is also effective when mixed with counselling and CBT and we would expect our clients to be losing between half and one stone each month.

We also help clients with relationship counselling, career confidence, run group and private confidence building sessions, help client to overcome fears and phobias including using hypnotherapy to overcome a fear of flying, a fear of dogs, a fear of spiders, a fear of public speaking and many more issues.

Hypnotherapy is often confused with stage hypnosis, this is not a fair way to look at this therapy, there are no swinging watches in clinical hypnotherapy, we do not shout sleep. Hypnotherapy is more like yoga, mindfulness and is known for its feelings of deep relaxation.

It can help you and it helps clients everyday to change their lives for the better, contact us today in the D4 Dublin Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis clinic and allow us to help you change for the better

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