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Founded in 2011 by Paul A. Liberti, PhD, BioMagnetic Solutions (BMS) has a 30 year history pioneering immuno-magnetic cell separation systems. Prior to BMS, Liberti founded Immunicon (NASDAQ: IMMC) where he developed the ferrofluids & immuno-magnetic systems for CELLSEARCH©, the only FDA-approved circulating tumor cell (CTC) assay.

BMS has developed clinical-grade ferrofluids & clinical-scale immuno-magnetic cell separation platforms for: CAR-T cell therapies and CD34+ stem cell isolations for gene therapy (GT) and regenerative medicine applications.

BMS is also developing a very rapid, gentle, highly-sensitive, novel front-end isolation system for CTC & rare cells with its proprietary 5th-generation ferrite-based nanoparticles (Ferrofluids) using proprietary principles never previously applied to cells.

BMS also supplies its market-tested proprietary 5th gen. Ferrofluids for high-end research market applications.

Having pioneered Ferrofluid development & the design & manufacture of novel magnetic platform technologies for cell separations from its Immunicon lineage (IMMC's FDA-approved CellSearch© CTC assay). BMS brings 30+ cutting-edge R&D problem-solving years, IP & innovation to the design, synthesis & manufacture of Ferrofluids & path-breaking novel multi-parameter magnetic separator systems to the life sciences.

Go to market strategy
BMS partners with world-class biopharma firms for IO cell therapy, rare cell & immuno-magnetic cell isolation systems leveraging its cutting-edge IMS IP. BMS’ academic research roots & commitment to serving life science researchers run deep. BMS serves the research community via select collaborations with top researchers.

* CELLSEARCH© remains the only FDA-approved CTC assay for isolating & characterizing CTC - 12 years since its 2004 Immunicon introduction. CELLSEARCH© is owned & marketed by J&J's Janssen Oncology SBU - formerly J&J's Veridex SBU.

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