Illustra Cameras

Illustra develops some of the industry’s most technologically advanced IP cameras. These technologies help retailers stop crimes that affect their bottom lines, and schools provide peace of mind to parents and students. Security systems built with Illustra IP cameras assist governments in securing ports and borders, and hospitals ensure the safety and privacy of their patients. Illustra IP cameras not only benefit seasoned security professionals actively tracking high-risk environments, but they also ease amateurs into the world of surveillance.

Used with a vast number of ONVIF-compliant video and access control management systems in the industry, including those from Tyco Security Products, Illustra is part of an end-to-end security and surveillance solution that not only keeps what you value safe, but can enable your business to operate effectively.

Tyco Security Products and its portfolio of brands, including Illustra, form one of the largest security portfolios in the world. Engineers specializing in Video Security, Access Control, Location Based Security, and Intrusion Security provide Tyco Security Products a competitive advantage when it comes to system integration.

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