MVSystems LLC

MVSystems is a global provider of state-of-the-art thin film deposition systems and technology for the semiconductor sector. Our systems enable our customers to transform today’s ideas into tomorrow’s products.

We design, build and deliver ultra-high vacuum (UHV) single and multi-chamber deposition systems for R&D, prototype production and small production lines. As part of the systems sale, we specifically guarantee state of the art opto-electronic properties of thin film semiconductors such as amorphous and nanocrystalline silicon, dielectrics (e.g. SiNx and SiOx) and transparent conductive oxides (TCOs).

Since 1989 MVSystems has been providing deposition systems for a variety of applications involving opto-electronic thin films. Among coating equipment, the multi-chamber (or cluster tool) deposition system is the key tool that allows the development of high-quality electronic devices due to the elimination of contamination in multi-layered structures. MVSystems produces cluster tools for a variety of rigid and flexible substrate sizes.

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