Walkthrough Entertainment Society for the Interactive Arts in Alberta (Walkthrough Entertainment)

Walkthrough Entertainment is an Edmonton-based not-for-profit focused on furthering serious, recreational, digital, and non-digital games as interactive art forms.

Our vision is to grow the capacity for all types of game development in Alberta and to broaden the audience of games to encompass all Albertans.

Our mission is to connect game developers, game players, and game lovers from across Alberta to foster community, entrepreneurship, and play.

Our core values are to collaborate, inspire, learn, and play.

Our organization has four pillars:

1. Increasing the Capacity for Game Development in Alberta
We will grow the capacity for game development in Alberta by fostering the creation of a sustainable ecosystem. This ecosystem includes skill development in games-related post-secondary offerings (degrees, diplomas, and certificates), further development of industry (in small, medium, and large enterprises), and entrepreneurship (business development and global market access for provincially-based developers). Ultimately, we would like to push Alberta to a place where game developers are able to thrive within a more diverse economy.

2. Diversifying Game Culture
We will broaden the cultural impact of games and make games more accessible to a broader audience by participating in and enhancing games discourse (through podcasts, streams, and live events), and promoting diversity of those in game development and game media.

3. Building a United Community
We will enhance the opportunities for a diverse audience for games to meet and network with one another for both development and play, community-focused events, and tournaments.

4. Supporting our Partner Organizations
We will link diverse communities of event organizers together for mutual benefit for the purpose of networking, assistance, marketing, volunteer support, and overall efficiencies.

We run the Game Discovery Exhibition (GDX Edmonton).

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