Renewable Energy Vermont

Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) is working to bring about an intelligent transformation from a foreign fossil fuel based economy to an economy increasingly based on our own renewable energy.

Here's how:

Strengthening VT Renewable Energy Businesses
Vermont needs a strong renewable energy industry to provide the equipment, expertise and leadership needed to transform Vermont's energy supply. REV is working within the renewable energy industry to build business networks, partnerships, and provide professional development training and support.

State Energy Policies
REV is the only organization dedicated solely to working toward increased renewable energy use in Vermont. REV is continually working to see that Vermont enact policies and legislation that promote renewable energy.

PSB Proceedings
REV is working to ensure that the VT Public Service Board enacts public energy policy that supports local renewable energy.

REV is committed to providing renewable energy education to the schools and communities of Vermont. REV is raising public consciousness about the many benefits of the hydro, wind, biomass, solar, and geothermal energy produced in Vermont.

REV as a Resource
REV is comprised of renewable energy companies, institutional and academic partners and concerned citizens of Vermont. REV member businesses are leading experts in helping homes and businesses generate their own clean power and heat. Contact REV to locate your local renewable energy professional. REV members are available to speak to schools and civic groups on the many benefits of renewable energy.


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