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Super Game Asset Store provides time saving game resources for game developers small and big.

With over 8 years of experience in game asset production and working with more than 50 studios we have collected and developed our own internal asset database for efficient game asset creation. This has already happened with many 3D content games, developer now use prefab models to populate the game environment, working with base character models to streamline character creation.

Our team have developed a set of production workflows for 2D game art assets in the past years; it applies to isometric games, 2D platform games, room based social games, mobile games and many more that we have worked with.

We like to open up our assets and produce more streamlined base art assets for game developers, so you can jump start your game idea faster and smarter. We will open up more and more of our game assets and prepare them in a way that is customisable and reusable to different game development needs.

The Super Game Asset Store today provides over 100’s of high quality and customisable game asset products. With over 10 years in professional game asset production, SGA contents are high quality and affordable, making it an ideal solution for Indi, mobile and casual game developers. Game development is inherently time consuming; SGA’s aim is to provide innovative game asset solutions to make game development easier than ever before.

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