1996 the journey started to create an affordable, sustainable building material to easy the living conditions for millions of people around the world living in poverty.

Along the line Xpaneco has tested and evaluated numerous of building technologies in form of traditional techniques and panel techniques and thru investigations and calculations ended up with the Xpaneco way.

A versatile self supported panel construction method that doesn’t require any additional supporting beams.
Thu its high density and insulation value combined with low weight architectural design variety the panels are applicable for both high end luxury homes as well as third world country accommodations.

Since the big beneficiary's according to the founder Fredrik Brundins vision is to secure affordable homes, schools and solutions all around the world the Xpaneco way has the solution to solve this dilemma with the unique versatile and affordable building / construction method.

Xpaneco concept portfolio covering all from ; educational concept both for production in house and construction process - The Xpaneco1230M applicable to mobile production unit, who is a unique production process application for versatile durable and sustainable production of the total Xpanceco concept panels – The Xpaneco raw material portfolio and for all Xpaneco product / machinery and panel components to pre-assembled panel concepts for third party construction.

In the spring and summer of 2015 the development and progression of the Xpaneco portfolio reached its acumen and the concept was ready for launch and introduction to partners, investment groups , clients and media .

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