Free For All

Free For All is Malaysia’s 1st brand of free mineral water.

Free For All is a brand that is changing the consumer’s requirement to pay for bottled water. We provide the same convenience and great taste without charging a single cent.

How is it free? We decided to create a revenue-based model on third party advertising on the bottle. Advertisements on the label ensures that the bottles are free.Our bottles have exclusive promotional messages provided by our sponsors. Free For All provides an innovative medium that is targeted and personal. The difference between our advertising medium and other mediums is that our medium is a need by everyone. It is certainly a creative new way to deliver information to consumers.

Oh and we don't just distribute our bottles everywhere, we carefully selected all our distribution partners based on location where the youth frequently hangout.Our movement begins across Klang Valley.

We are everywhere. We are everyone. We are change. Free For all, Malaysia’s first brand of free mineral water; keeping you hydrated and informed.

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