ART of Hearts International, Inc.

ART of Hearts, Inc. is a non-profit organization fostering art therapy workshops for children in developing countries, utilizing visual arts education as a means of self-expression and communication, to aid in social emotional and personal development.

Art is an empowering form of expression and communication. It allows us to develop new ways of thinking and conveying emotions and feelings that might not be understood through the printed or spoken word alone. Art is truly a universal language that transcends culture and language barriers, and has the potential to serve as a source for new, enriching possibilities.

At ART of Hearts, Inc., we believe that everyone deserves the same creative resources and opportunities. Each year we visit a developing nation and partner with schools and other organizations to bring children this outlet.

"We strongly believe in the therapeutic power of art and the outlet it provides!"‚Äč

Our art workshops provide specialty lectures, tailored to the needs and experiences of the communities and children we are working with. We ask children to explore their inner selves - their feelings, perceptions and dreams. While these workshops also involve learning practical art skills and techniques, the emphasis is predominantly on inner development - and the use of art as an expressive and therapeutic means of release.

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