Graphene, Limited

Graphene® is built over twenty years of experience serving global Bottlers', satisfying their necessities of Quality related to Electronic Inspectors:
- Maintenance,
- Service,
- Installation,
- Startup,
- Commissioning,
- Staff Training,
- Audit,
- Root Cause Analysis,
- Risk Assessment,
- System Integration.

More, we are the most cost effective choice existing on the worldwide scenario, as immediately verifiable at the page:

Graphene is a global supplier of Services and Technologies designed for Food and Beverage Bottling Lines, from electronic inspection for all types of packaging, to precise and quantitative Risk Assessments for contaminations and injuries to final Customers, until Root Cause Analysis for Bottling Lines and Machines’ inefficiencies or Quality pitfalls. A reliable partner for Food and Beverage businesses around the world, Graphene® applies its proprietary technologies to pursuit innovation of the automated Quality Control and Assurance processes. We are firmly convinced that all Food and Beverage Bottling Companies in the World merit to reach their desired top performances. Performances we delivered to Fortune-500 Companies like AB-InBev®, Grolsch®, Heineken®, PepsiCo® or Coca-Cola® North America.

Without any extracost for the Bottler, really it is possible to maximise Quality, reducing in the meantime the associated losses on Production, commonly arising by undue stops to Production and Electronic Inspectors' false rejects. These last being one of the greatest obstacles to the alignement of Companies' policies on product's Quality with what really gets out of the Bottling Lines, reaching the final Customers.

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