Six Sigma Management Institute by Dr. Mikel J. Harry

Experts in Lean Six Sigma Training, Coaching, and Deployments

The Dr. Mikel J. Harry® Six Sigma Management Institute (SSMI) is the leading innovator of Six Sigma methodologies in the world. Specializing in research and development of Lean Six Sigma and process improvement training curricula, delivery systems, supporting tools and resources.

One of SSMI's main objectives was to develop effective delivery methods so that the cost of training could be drastically reduced, making Six Sigma affordable for individuals and businesses of all sizes. SSMI released MindPro®, the most comprehensive Six Sigma training system in the world. As a web-based training and coaching platform, MindPro® 3.0 provides an extremely flexible, self-paced learning with a certification program.

SSMI also offers Veterans scholarships through its Six Sigma Wings for Heroes program.

About the Founder:
Dr. Harry, author, principal architect of Six Sigma, and the world's leading authority has published-
♦ Six Sigma: The Management Strategy Revolutionizing the World's Top Corporations which was on the "best seller list" of the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and
♦ How to Successfully Implement the Six Sigma Breakthrough Management Strategy.

He also founded The Great Discovery® a cognitive eLearning map for how individuals, work teams and businesses of all sizes can achieve Six Sigma results, similar to those enjoyed by many of the world’s top corporations.

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