Fit For Life Gym

Specialised fitness studio & gym, located on Remuera Rd, Remuera, Auckland.

24 hour Gym, which allows members to access Gym at anytime 24/7. Gym members will be closely supervised by experiences Personal Trainer during our normal gym hours (6am-6pm Mon-Friday).

We offer Outdoor Fitness Classes such as Boot Camp, Personal Training, Injury Rehabilitation, Weight Loss, Home Exercise Program and other Program Designs.

Non-Gym members are welcome to partake in any of our classes on a casual basis. Not just in Gyms. We train our clients in Remuera, Eastern Bays and Central Auckland at their homes/offices/local parks. We have also expanded our Ourdoor Fitness such as Boot Camp to Tauranga and Meadowlbank.

All of our classes are run by experienced trainers who pride themselves on delivering a quality service which is both enjoyable and effective in helping you towards your fitness goals.

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Self Owned


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