Nicki Jack Music Publishing

Nicki Jack Music is an established boutique Music Publisher and Label with over 20 years licensing music. We believe in fair and equal deals with all of our songwriters. Our catalogue is registered with ASCAP, BMI, and PRS for Music with placements going around the world. Our job is to make sure artists get paid and music users get the songs they want without the usual headache associated with music clearance!

Our flagship catalog No Boyfriend Music represents proven and rising international talent across diverse genres including electronica, acoustic, indie, singer/songwriter, rock, pop, hip hop, orchestral with beats, drumscapes, score, jazz, ambient, funk, tribal and various fusions, theremin, flamenco guitar and spoken word.

NJM owns or controls the rights to all songs simplifying the licensing process for our music buyers. Concise descriptions and detailed metadata facilitate your search. We will work with your budget and maintain fairness for our writers and artists. Discussion about custom composition or score for your project welcomed.

New albums of original songs are in the pipeline for an ever expanding selection for Music Users desires. We routinely create, collaborate and sign new tunes from remarkable artists and bands.

Annual, production specific and playlist blanket licenses can also be easily arranged by a few clicks!

We believe in best practices that lead in a sustainable, equal and fair direction!




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