La Luna Boat Building and Boat Yard Ship Repair

La Luna Boat Building, Marine, Supply, Ship repair, Yacht Charter and general trading, La Luna has started operating in the Egyptian Market 1992, with independent contracting, for building and repairing wooden and steel boats, for several clients, in public boat yards, as well as building our own first charter (LA LUNA) which is still currently operating in South Sinai, as a diving Yacht, also we were involved in purchasing all required items for the construction, so we entered the trading business, and acquired several agencies to be their distributors in Egypt, at the year 2003 we have established our boat yard in the public free zone in Suez, (a tax free Custom free haven) where we started doing our work in our own boat yard, where we built over 27 boats for the fishing fleet in Libya (lengths between 14 meters to 25 meter trawlers, and seiners) and several service and pleasure yachts and oats, world wide, we have exported, to Spain, Canary Islands, Australia, South America, and of course to the local Egyptian market.
Now La Luna has three main sectors:
1- Boat Building, Ship Repair, o shore and off shore.
2- Yacht Charters.
3- Trading and supply of all merchandise marine, research, and industrial, to Governmental, and private sector.

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Self Owned

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