Scarlet City Studios

Scarlet City Studios is an innovative studio based in the suburb of Kingsland, Auckland in beautiful New Zealand. We like to do things differently; in fact, our byline is "Telling an alternative story"​. We are all passionate gamers, and we know from first hand experience how immersive and life-changing a good game can be. Our team has fond memories of everything from The Legend of Zelda, Zork, King’s Quest, Commander Keen, GoldenEye, and Command and Conquer to today’s releases.

As a studio, we are on a mission to tell an alternative story of how both educational and faith based games can be. So, our goal is to build a multiplayer online adventure game for 10-12 year olds based on the story of the Bible, and to do it really well. In fact, we are aiming to be the premiere provider of Christian gaming experiences in the world. Our flagship game - The Aetherlight - is brimming with quality art, engaging gameplay, and exceptional design - because we believe in employing skilled people to do great work. You don't need to be a Christian to work with us, just love gaming and supportive of our vision.

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