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Stigma is a word that originally means “sign”, “point” or “branding mark”. Stigma is our sign, our point and our branding mark. Stigma is the outcome of a long year quest, through coloured and chrome paths,our destination, our way of life.

Stigma project originated around 2000. Stigma is an idea that indulges Street Art and Graffiti in a collective perspective, gathering different kinds of people with different backgrounds and lifestyles into a same need of expression through art, art that is deriving directly from the streets that we live, art that is coming directly through our experiences and not through sterilized and wannabe environments. After eleven hard years Stigma vision finally is hosted in a 130 square meters basement in the free zone of Exarcheia District in Athens.

Stigma Exhibition Streetart Laboratory & Workshop is a socialize experimental space that people can gather, communicate, work their ideas through, create , find the proper equipment with tools to complete their art projects and exhibit their work. Stigma is and will be involved in festivals, exhibitions, free art classes - for those that want to learn how to express what they feel through painting - and in providing at a low cost the necessities for doing so. Stigma is around you.

Stigma Exhibition Lab is not a sterilized gallery commercializing art. It is an welcoming place, where anyone who is worth it can exhibit his work the way he feels like, as long as he can feel our underground vibe. Stigma strives to up bring new talents that stay in the dark, being victims of the gallery “star system”, Stigma strives also to pay respect to those that keep it breathing and real through this quest. Stigma stands by you.

Stigma is an idea that comes in to life eager to host the need of expression in this era of manipulation and disaster. Stigma is you.

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