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At Hoshan Furniture, Our services extend far beyond providing furniture solutions to corporate offices, healthcare and educational work environments. We are pioneers in application and design, ensuring that we have a detailed understanding of not only the dimensions of the space we are working with, but also the needs of the person that will be occupying that space. We combine the practical with the luxurious, the individual with the environment, to create lasting solutions that complement and enhance productivity without compromising on design. Our holistic approach means that our clients get the best of both worlds - effective functionality fused with curate convenience.

Our History
Established in 1975 to provide custom-crafted, premium quality furniture that supports human efficiency and functionality in the workplace, Hoshan Furniture has guided customers in developing innovative design solutions that improve practicality and directly address business needs. Hoshan Furniture has since grown to become the Kingdom’s largest and most trusted supplier of ergonomic and environmentally friendly products and services to Saudi Arabia’s flourishing corporate sector.

Our Vision
To lead future productivity of the Kingdom’s workplace through innovative, unique and inspired design solutions that enhance the inspirational, practical and functional needs of Saudi Arabia’s progressive workforce.

Our Mission
Hoshan Furniture distinguishes itself from its peers by consistently delivering exceptional quality furniture products that are designed to be both environmentally friendly and durable. Our primary objective is to continue providing superior craftsmanship and intelligent solutions to businesses that are looking to integrate environmental consciousness and sustainable design into their work spaces.

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