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MUEGGE is a leading international developer, manufacturer and provider of plasma sources, industrial heating systems and the related components and hardware. For more than 25 years, MUEGGE has developed, produced and supplied high-quality microwave solutions for industrial applications for applications which require power ranges from 300 W to 100 kW, with operating frequencies of 915, 2450 and 5800 MHz. MUEGGE develops and integrates industry leading plasma applications. Via these capabilities, MUEGGE provides scientific and technological innovations that are continuously optimized and integrated into state-of-the-art plant technologies. The most demanding requirements are met by MUEGGE's advanced systems, plant, and process technologies resulting in a convincing integrated concept that is based upon our scientific and technological know how. MUEGGE offers plasma sources with various capacities of size, power and purpose as well as an array of high-performance downstream sources.

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Equipment Manufacturers - Wafer Processing Equipment - Etching/Stripping/Ashing|Equipment Manufacturers - Nanotechnology Equipment or Tools - Equipment, Nanotechnology|Equipment Manufacturers - MEMS Equipment - Deep RIE etching; Dry Etching|Equipment Manufacturers - Photovoltaic Equipment - PV Equipment: Cells|Equipment Manufacturers - Photovoltaic Equipment - PV Equipment: Thin film|Sub-Systems or Components or Parts - Sub-systems - Plasma Sources; Controls; Monitoring; Diagnosis|Sub-Systems or Components or Parts - Sub-systems - Power Supplies; RF Generators; Converters; Electrical Conditioning|Other

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