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The merge of the physical and digital identities is a core characteristic of the 21st century. Mobile ID rides the wave of the numerical revolution by creating a new way of securing your digital life. Incorporating the mobile phone in any online authentication and transaction, Mobile ID allows Mobile Network Operators to become full identity providers for their market. If the solution respond to GSMA’s Mobile Connect recommendation, it also brings an answer to the main technological concern of this generation: combine accessibility, convenience, and security.

Mobile ID allows mobile phone users to securely authenticate, digitally sign documents, and confirm transactions and payments, simply by entering the PIN code they have chosen. Mobile ID is used in a variety of services, throughout the world, including online banking, mobile payment, e- and m-commerce applications, and governmental services, along with enterprise identity and access management. The two channel, three-factor authentication method based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), combined with a third-party Certification Authority, produces a legally binding signature regardless of time and place.

Part of Gemalto group since February 2010, Valimo Wireless was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Finland. For further information, please visit or contact us at

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