GROW International. European wood light-weight packaging network

GROW International (Group Recycling of Wood), a light weight wood packaging sector organisation, was founded in 1991 to tackle with new regulation to recycle packaging in Germany and after in Europe.

Nowadays, GROW not only represents and defends wood packaging interests regarding environment but also quality, image, hygiene, food safety, etc.

GROW, Group Recycling of wood is an international organisation result of co-operation among european wooden crate sector organisations in France, Germany and Spain.

GROW International network represents more than 200 companies that manufacture 800 million of crates for fruits and vegetables, and 400 million crates of other kind, meaning a business of more than 500 million euros.

Our aim is to give an efficent consumer reponse in the use of wooden packaging. The main objectives, based mainly in action at a European level, are:

* To defend the sector’s interests: We are active in FEFPEB and implement specific lobby action.

* To promote wooden packaging: We develop common campaigns and coordinate attendance at trade fairs.

* To guarantee crate recycling: Each country works to prevent wooden packaging waste becoming a problem for the end consumer

* To carry out studies of interest: We are leaders in research of common interest for all our members and we share the results of local projects.

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