Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC

Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC provides the only federally-registered evidence-based programs for youth which integrate alcohol and drug abuse prevention with the promotion of healthy behaviors, including participating in sports and physical activities, eating healthy, getting adequate sleep and controlling stress.

These brief motivational interventions are easily implemented in as little as one session and are adaptable to any setting where youth are found.

Our programs are being implemented in 22 states in the US, in sports and recreation leagues, health clinics, schools, summer camps, youth organizations, homes, faith-based organizations and others.

We developed Prevention Plus Wellness to improve the enjoyment, participation and effectiveness of prevention, health, fitness and sports programs for youth, parents and communities.

Prevention Plus Wellness programs are founded on the evidence-based Behavior-Image Model which has proven to successfully integrate substance abuse prevention with wellness promotion through awareness of positive images of young people. Our programs include:

1) SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness a single session program for children and adolescents;
2) InShape Prevention Plus Wellness a single session program for college aged young adults;
3) Motivational Coaching Program (MCP) a multi-session prevention with wellness program for youth;
4) In God’s Image (IGI) a multi-session program integrating physical, mental and spiritual health for youth; and
5) SPORT for Families a parent implemented program for youth..

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