Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summer Program

Umm AlQura University (UQU)'s Vice Presidency of Business & Innovation (BI) adopts and runs a wide range of activities that are concerned with knowledge creation, transfer, and development. Additionally, it supports and promotes the knowledge economy through partnerships as well as creative and innovative research that yields an economic value. UQU BI also fosters and promotes creativity and innovation between university staff and students by investing in those opportunities and providing training, support, and consultation. Additionally, the Vice Presidency helps prepare graduates for the market while supporting entrepreneurs.

Acknowledging the need to prepare and support students as the key and main customer in higher education, from the vision outlined above, and in order to help develop and prepare creative individuals and entrepreneurs, Umm Al Qura University is pleased to be the only Saudi university to offer the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summer Program.

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Operating Subsidiary


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Government Agency

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