Silver Tree Capital Partnership

Who are we?

Silver Tree Capital is proud to be the biggest, independent, student-run investment club in the UK.

We are structured as a small partnership, and over the years we have built a small professional team of "partners" from all over the world; united by our curiosity and determination to succeed.

Each partner brings something special and unique from their culture, background and experience to the team. Over time, we have learned how to utilise that diversity to maximise our education and development in this increasingly dynamic and complex field of finance.

What is our goal?

There has been a lot of research surrounding the Efficient Market Hypothesis. Can an 'intelligent investor' really beat the market? We can't be certain.

So our main goal is to answer a simple question: Can fundamental analysis and research lead to Alpha?

To find undervalued companies we carry out proprietary research and analysis, gather publicly available information and combine it to create a different perspective (Mosaic Theory), and we use fundamental valuation methods.

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