The company Sunprod Srl, Products of the Sun, has been founded by Walter R. Ansorge at the beginning of 2011 in Catania, close to the Etna Valley (famous for the cultivation of Sicilian blood oranges), with a more than 25 years experiences in the field of citrus derivatives, achieved in various leading companies of this sector. “Products of the Sun” because the company’s mission is to develop and let appreciate the wonderful products of our well known Island and our Sun. The company Sunprod, due to its dynamism and skills, has already signed important cooperation agreements with several processors and growers associations in order to have the direct control over quality and complete traceability of the fruits supplied to the factories belonging our network.

From the best fruits coming from Sicily we obtains very high quality citrus essential oils, juices and concentrates.

Furthermore we can offer the whole range of citrus by-products, such as Cells, Pulps, Essential Oils, cold pressed or distilled, Peels, frozen or candied, of:

- Blond oranges, varieties Navel and Valencia
- Blood oranges, Sicilian varieties
- Lemon, winter and summer varieties
- Mandarin & Tangerines
- Bergamot
- Sicilian Prickly Pear Juice/Puree Concentrate clear and cloudy.

Besides the production of conventional products we have focused our activity also on ORGANIC-products in conformity to the CE rules Nr.834/07 and controlled by Ecogruppo Italia, IFOAM member

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