The purpose of xoomhome.net is to show you the benefits of using Xoom to transfer money to your relatives, friends and associates globally. The prices are the cheapest, and the service is the safest and fastest.

Xoom is easy to use. You can send money worldwide using your computer or mobile device to family, friends, and businesses in more that 46 countries. The funds you send are wired from your U.S. bank account, online, and your recipient will receive cash in local currency or U.S. dollars. Xoom.com has relationships with banks and money transfer payment partners, Xoom.com customers can send money to thousands of cash pickup locations around the world.

To start using your Xoom.com account you can use major credit cards, or have the funds withdrawn directly form your U.S.bank account.

After entering the amount of money that you plan on sending, you’ll have the option of sending the money directly to your recipient’s bank account or arranging for it to be picked up. Should cash pick up be the most convenient way for your recipient to get their money, the funds will normally be available within 15 minutes of the transfer.

And with more than 13,400 locations to get the cash – including most banks being open throughout most of the day – you’re sure to find a convenient bank, whether it’s Soriana, Banorte, Santander or Banamex.

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