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PROXIM is a dynamic and highly creative New Zealand-based company specialising in Proximity Advertising. We strive for excellence in promoting our clients’ products and services using cost-effective strategies. We are a young and dynamic company, specialising in fresh, vibrant ideas. We are also highly organised and well-used to meeting urgent deadlines. Successful delivery of the fully tested and functional product is a priority for us.

We have our own in-house software developers and a team of well-trained, highly creative people who understand our clients’ need to promote their products. We specialise in developing unique but highly creative solutions especially customised for our clients’ products and services. As well providing the technology we develop the content to suit our clients’ particular needs.
Proximity Advertising, which is also called Bluetooth Advertising, sends messages to Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as mobile phones, located within the range of the transmitter. Messages to Bluetooth devices are received free of charge. The Proximity Advertising broadcast range can be from as little as a 2 square metre radius up to a 250 square metre radius depending on the type of transmitter. If a range of greater than 250 square metres is required, a second transmitter can be included. Using the Bluetooth technology a single message or a series of simple texts, images, movies, and sound clips can be sent and received. Our Proximity Advertising also produces traceable and measurable results.

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