Ministry of Finance, Indonesia

“To be a world class and trustworthy administrator in managing finance and state assets, as well as an instrument of a national transformation toward an equitable, prosperous, and highly-civilized society”

On the effort of realizing the vision, finance ministry elaborates it into five MISSIONS as follow:

1. Mission on fiscal sector
“To develop effective and sustainable fiscal policies and manage state assets and debt prudently, responsibly, and transparently”

2. Mission on economy sector
“To overcome national economic problem pro-actively and take a strategic role in the effort of developing national economic as it constitutionally stated”

3. Mission on politics sector
“To support the process of fiscal and economy democratization”

4. Mission on social and cultural sector
“To establish a modern and civilized financial society”

5. Mission on institutional sector
“To self-reinvent its own institution in accordance with the aspiration of the society and financial technology advancement as well as public administration, also the development of better financial institution that supports and provides an equitable guidance for agents and the support from potential and highly-integrated agents”


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