Bring Me To Holland Consulting

Bring Me To Holland Consulting(B.M.T.H) is a consulting firm specializing in expat services, import export expertise, business registration, marketing research, commercial real estate valuation and investment sales. It is geared towards overseas individuals and businesses who would like to live or do business in the Netherlands as well as Dutch businesses expanding its business overseas. Clients of B.M.T.H. are among others highly-skilled working professionals, recent university graduates, small & mid-sized businesses, scientific researchers, ICT experts, engineers, medical personnel, innovative entrepreneurs, real estate investors, multinational companies and property developers or realtors. B.M.T.H assists innovative companies to apply for European funding in expanding their business operation. It also performs thorough marketing research for businesses venturing into import and export from or into the Netherlands, Britain, Canada, China, Malaysia and Singapore. B.M.T.H advises on the import and export regulations and procedures to these countries. It has partners in: employment(employers and recruiters),R & D, education,language training(Dutch, English and Mandarin),ICT services(web development, testing and data infrastructure),childcare,government,accounting,tax & legal services and residential & commercial real estate realty. B.M.T.H. is infused every day with the vitality and dynamism precipitated by its observance of the FISH! philosophy.




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