Good Earth Bags

goodEarth Bags is a woman-owned wholesaler of the most sensible and affordable alternatives to single use, disposable plastic bags.

Why Jute?
Jute is a plant fiber, hence fully recyclable, washable, durable and bio-degradable. Planting and processing jute are still done the same way as they have been for hundreds of years, without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or any harmful chemicals; making jute products truly organic, inexpensive and environmentally sustainable.
Jute sacks have been around for hundreds of years. Now that many communities in the US have banned, or are in the process of banning plastic shopping bags to reduce their negative environmental impact, eco-conscious businesses are earnestly looking for environmentally viable, inexpensive and durable alternatives to plastic. The available alternatives in the market are either of poor quality with limited reusablity and recyclability; or are expensive boutique types.
The good news is that reusable AND affordable Jute bags offer a perfect solution to this problem. Jute bags are ideal for all purpose shopping, just as they are excellent for special events, promotional give-aways, etc. These beautiful bags (and other items) complement all style and fashion; from rustic rugged to metro chic.

Why goodEarth Bags?
We offer shopping bags (ALL sizes/styles), back-packs, wine totes, colorful gift pouches, unique / rare items such as Clear-top Gift Boxes; Collapsible Boxes, and customized items, at the lowest wholesale prices, making it easy on the budget to switch to 100% jute.
Production facilities are ISO certified and operate under well structured labor laws/practices.
Our main focus is to bring natural jute products to the market, at a very affordable price for consumers to enjoy, and be proud to contribute to a sustainable and better environment.

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