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Bushtex, Inc.

Events happen all around the world, whether it be a Presidential Election, civil unrest between warring factions, a baseball game, or an annual meeting of a multinational company. Read more about Bushtex, Inc.

Promo Group TV

Established in 1990, Promo Group TV ( wholly owned by Silver Coral Ltd ) is a Hong Kong based television, iptv, broadband & mobile content & channel aggregator / distributor with ex Read more about Promo Group TV


Media4Dplayer est un projet collaboratif, en développement depuis janvier 2015, labellisé par le pôle de compétitivité Cap Digital et subventionné au titre du Fonds Unique Interministériel (FUI) pa Read more about media4Dplayer


Innomedia is establishing a portfolio of LED video billboards throughout Ghana and Nigeria. This is being achieved through a collaboration with Innobanking, Innorest Hotels and Innoauto. Read more about Innomedia.

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