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Aedas is the world’s only local and global architecture and design practice driven by global sharing of research, local knowledge and international practice. Read more about Aedas

CPG Corporation

As one of the leading full service professional development consultancy firms, CPG Corporation has been instrumental in the transformation of Singapore since our beginning in 1833. Read more about CPG Corporation


基准方中建筑设计有限公司(原基准方中建筑设计事务所),是中西部领先、全国一流的大型综合建筑设计服务企业。公司业务范围包括咨询顾问、规划设计、建筑设计、工程设计、环境景观设计、BIM和绿色建筑设计等,涵盖了居住、商业办公、酒店、文化教育、体育、医疗等不同的建筑类型。 Read more about 基准方中建筑设计有限公司

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