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LegalMatch was established in 1999 as a free, Web-based exchange to help individuals and small businesses make educated decisions when choosing a lawyer. Read more about LegalMatch

LCA Studio Legale

LCA is an independent multi-practice law firm with offices in Italy, in Milan, Genoa and Treviso (within the venture incubator H-Farm), and in the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai, where it operates Read more about LCA Studio Legale


BPO-E-GROUP is a successful startup which are offering services to solve the problem associated with new upcoming entrepreneurs and startup like legal compliance, taxation and filing problems and a Read more about BPO-E-GROUP

Edraftly helps lawyers, chambers, firms and clients make informed decisions by promoting transparency within the legal profession. Read more about Edraftly

Law Firm Press

Founded by practicing attorneys and leaders in website design and internet marketing, Law Firm Press combines technological savvy with on the ground experience to provide its clientele with a super Read more about Law Firm Press

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