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KPMG China

畢馬威在中國十六個城市設有辦事機構,合夥人及員工約10,000名,分佈在北京、北京中關村、成都、重慶、佛山、福州、廣州、杭州、南京、青島、上海、瀋陽、深圳、天津、廈門、香港特別行政區和澳門特別行政區。畢馬威以統一的經營方式來管理中國的業務,以確保我們能夠高效和迅速地調動各方面的資源,為客戶提供高品質的服務。 Read more about KPMG China


RGIS offers hands-on inventory, merchandising, space optimization and asset protection services. Our collaborative approach allows us to turn your goals into clear and manageable objectives. Read more about RGIS


We exist to serve our customers well. We support them by understanding their needs, and harnessing our people’s ideas. Read more about RBS

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