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Yasheng Group

The Yasheng Group (OTCQB: HERB) is a U.S. company and conducts international business operations in China under three (3) major sectors: agriculture, livestocks, and biotechnology. Read more about Yasheng Group


Biosev is one of the world's leaders in the sugarcane sector and the second largest Brazilian producer of renewable energy from biomass. Read more about Biosev

SBG - Axal Arabia

Axal Arabia is the new face to the construction industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia formed to provide superior construction services to its clients delivered through state of the art methods an Read more about SBG - Axal Arabia

Arafa Group

Arafa group is one of the largest qualityconscious, efficient, and export-oriented privately owned groups in the textiles and garments field in Egypt. Read more about Arafa Group

TNT France

TNT Express est une des plus importantes entreprises de transport. TNT Express livre près d’un million de colis par jour, allant du simple document au fret palettisé. Read more about TNT France

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